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The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library has just acquired the CQ Press Supreme Court Collection, a new research database, available to the entire UNC community. The CQ Press Supreme Court Collection provides a wide variety of materials related to the United States Supreme Court, including case summaries, justice profiles, analysis of the history and traditions


ProQuest Congressional: Legislative Insight and More In Part 1 of Remember that Resource, we covered ProQuest Legislative Insight, but how is Legislative Insight any different from ProQuest Congressional? With the caveat that ProQuest Congressional content varies according to the subscription of the individual institution, often the platform also includes legislative histories from 1789 (and will


ProQuest Legislative Insight: For Legislative Histories I recently received a request for help with finding a compiled legislative history, and the student had tried “everything” (Westlaw, Lexis, and Google), but was unable to turn up anything particularly helpful. And while there are other helpful locations that may have helpful compilations (looking at you, HeinOnline), in


Check out the Law Library’s new research guide: Using eBooks at UNC! With the proliferation of eBook platforms available for research and study, there are many different ways to identify eBooks and different access rules for each platform. The legal study aid platforms are particularly varied in terms of viewing books, utilizing apps, and navigating


One of the more difficult parts of legal research can be navigating the complicated structure of the government, especially if you are doing research involving administrative agencies.  Government manuals are underutilized resources that provide nuts-and-bolts details like organizational charts, staffing information, department histories, and more. They can save you a lot of time by compiling


Carolina Academic Press publishes the Legal Research Series, a collection of books focused on “essential elements of legal research in each jurisdiction.” Each book provides an overview of state and federal law for a particular jurisdiction: currently the series consists of 33 states and one volume on Federal Legal Research. The series is a resource


The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary is an invaluable resource for researching federal judges. Published by Wolters Kluwer, it provides biographic profiles, financial disclosure information, noteworthy rulings, media coverage, and commentary by attorneys who have firsthand experience practicing in front of their local judges. It is updated semi-annually and covers all judges in the federal


Coming April 1, 2022, Thomson Reuters ProView is getting a new face and some substantial changes. Let’s go through a few of the major ones: 1. A cleaner and brighter interface. Old ProView   New ProView       2. ProView Simplified Accessing ProView is getting simpler. There’s going to be a single way to


As we wind down to the end of the semester, you might be working on writing a brief in your legal writing, legal research, or writing intensive class. Writing briefs can be tricky and overwhelming, so we’ve collected a series of digital and physical UNC Law Library resources that provide style and formatting tips, checklists,