Library Technology


The Law Library has CCI Printers available for use by UNC students with their OneCard. CCI Printers are located in the Print Room on the Fourth Floor of the Law Library.

Law students have two separate print queues available for printing documents using a law student OneCard. Carolina Law students automatically receive $40/semester for EACH of these queues:

  • CCI Queue (includes the two printers located in the Print Room at the far back corner on the 4th floor of the Law Library)
  • Law School Queue (the printers in the upper rotunda of the Law School)


The Law Library has three scanners available for patron use in the following locations:

  • The Fourth Floor across from the Reference Desk
  • The Fourth Floor Print Room
  • The Third Floor in between carrels

Please make sure to enter your email address accurately and remove personal documents from the scanners after use.


The Law Library does not have any copiers available for public use. Flash drives are available for public patrons scanning library materials upon request. Please see the Reference Desk.

Public Workstations

There are six desktop computers located between the Circulation Desk and the Reference Desk on the Fourth Floor of the Law Library:

  • The two computers closest to the Circulation Desk are only accessible with UNC credentials.
  • The middle two computers are accessible with UNC credentials or Guest credentials as follows:
    • PID – Patron logs in with his or her PID.  He or she will have one-hour access to the computer; however, the patron will not have access to any of his or her network drives.  We recommend that students, faculty, and staff use the computers set aside for ONYEN login, which will give them access to their network drives.
    • Borrower’s Card Number – Patron logs in with his or her borrower’s card number.  He or she will have one-hour access to the computer.
    • Guest Pass Number – Patron logs in with a guest pass number that the desk assistant generates.  At the end of one hour, the pass will expire and any information not saved to a flash drive or emailed to the patron will be lost. Please see the Circulation Desk for a guest Internet pass.
  • The two computers closet to the scanner are the West Public Access Terminals. They offer patrons access to Westlaw Edge and do not require sign on. They should only be used by public patrons conducting legal research.

Note: Patrons will not have access to any files saved to the library computers after their session ends. All files are deleted when a session ends.

Wireless Access


While on campus, students must be connected to the “eduroam” or “21-22-UNC-PSK” network on their laptop to receive email, access Sakai and print:

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi to UNC-Setup
  2. Open a browser and type in
  3. Follow the prompts asking you to click to configure, login with your Onyen credentials, download the SecureW2-JoinNow application, install the download, provide your credentials again, until you successfully connect to eduroam.

Follow the same steps for your smartphone and other devices. Click here for more documentation.

Please call 919.962.HELP (4357) or visit and click on the “chat” icon at the bottom of the page to receive immediate assistance.


Guest wireless access is available in the Law Library for visitors bringing their own laptop or device with 802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) capability. When your mobile device or laptop is connected to the UNC Guest Wireless network inside the Law Library, you are able to access many library electronic resources.

Law School IT

Law School IT is located on the Third Floor of the Law Library.

Please use the following directions from the fourth floor library entrance. Make the first available left (past the reference desk, elevator, and offices) and take the stairs on the right down to the third floor. When you exit the stairwell on the third floor, the IT offices will be on the right.