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Check out the Law Library’s new research guide: Using eBooks at UNC! With the proliferation of eBook platforms available for research and study, there are many different ways to identify eBooks and different access rules for each platform. The legal study aid platforms are particularly varied in terms of viewing books, utilizing apps, and navigating


The University of North Carolina School of Law’s Kathrine R. Everett Library has just published a new libguide on Changing Your Legal Name and/or Gender in North Carolina. The guide covers considerations for anyone wishing to change their name or gender in the state, including how to navigate changing information through the courts, for a


The UNC Law Library is pleased to announce the creation and publication of a new Critical Race Theory and Racial Justice legal research guide to support student and faculty research on this topic, as well as our Critical Race Lawyering Civil Rights Clinic. The guide is divided into six sections: an overview of tactics for


With so many out of work due to the virus, the CDC has released a federal ban on evictions nationwide for covered persons. North Carolina courts have also significantly reduced their court activity, which includes processing evictions. However, concerns have been raised about an eviction cliff when these measures end. Further, landlords may continue with


The UNC Law Library is pleased to announce the creation and publication of a new Military Law legal research guide to support students currently working with the Military and Veterans Law Clinic or taking military law courses. The guide is divided into three sections: Military Justice Law, the Law of Armed Conflict, and National Security


Non-consensual pornography or “revenge porn” recently took center stage in the national discussion again with Katie Hill’s resignation from Congress. A few days later, a Minnesota state senator announced his own victimization from revenge porn. As conversations consider revenge porn’s threat to the political sphere, legal issues surrounding revenge porn may be a compelling area


According to a news report from Bloomberg Law, a wave of state legislatures are currently considering consumer privacy legislation, driven by the 2018 Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data-harvesting scandal, the new California consumer privacy law set to take effect in 2020, and the European Union’s comprehensive approach to privacy under its GDPR framework. Privacy law in the


The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library recently published a new online research guide, Preparing for the Bar Exam. Even for the most relaxed of law students, the Bar Exam can be daunting. In addition to taking the exam, there are requirements that must be completed months in advance.  This guide is divided into five sections: General