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As professors, librarians, and other academics within law schools explore Generative AI (GenAI) tools, we’re beginning to see a body of scholarship developing. At the UNC Law Library, we recently compiled these articles in an annotated bibliography to distribute at a librarian-led workshop for law faculty on legal GenAI. I thought it may be helpful


One of my longstanding favorite statutory research features offered by Lexis+ is the Subsection Report. Let’s explore how this tool works below! Comprehensive Report When you Shepardize a statute, you can view a comprehensive report of all the citing references for the statute by clicking the Shepard’s symbol or “Shepardize Document”. However, when you are


Check out the Law Library’s new research guide: Using eBooks at UNC! With the proliferation of eBook platforms available for research and study, there are many different ways to identify eBooks and different access rules for each platform. The legal study aid platforms are particularly varied in terms of viewing books, utilizing apps, and navigating


At UNC, we have access to a wealth of resources on legal research and pedagogy, both in print and through our many digital collections. However, there are books that we find ourselves reaching for again and again, either as we answer reference questions or prepare for instruction. When it comes to these titles, our law


If you’ve taken a legal research class, you have probably heard a professor discuss the importance of state legal encyclopedias as a research tool. Why? They include jurisdiction-specific coverage of a wide range of legal topics. The information contained in an encyclopedia may be brief, but it will point you to the primary law on


Guest Post by Julie Wooldridge When you have a large paper with multiple parts or a collaborative project with people working on a multitude of tasks, tracking the progress of the project and identifying issues or roadblocks can be difficult and time consuming.  Kanban boards can be a useful tool to help keep your next


No, it is not another scanner! The new machine located across from the Circulation Desk is a self-checkout station. The Law Library would like to invite all of our patrons to utilize the self-checkout station the next time they have a book ready to be checked out. The self-checkout station is very easy to use.


It’s that time of the semester when students need to start buckling down and writing their RWE seminar papers! At this point, topics have been selected and research has begun. But how do you put it all together? How do you organize a seminar paper? How do you develop and support your thesis? How do