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Professor Michael Gerhardt has two new books available in 2024: The Law of Presidential Impeachment and FDR’s Mentors. The Law of Presidential Impeachment: A Guide for the Engaged Citizen provides “a refresher course on the law of presidential impeachment” providing a historical reflection on the impeachment process, the underpinnings of its creation and an analysis


Who: Law librarians who are here to make sure you’re prepared for practice What: A two-part workshop series dedicated to making GenAI work for you Part One: Using GenAI for Legal Research in Practice What is GenAI and how can you make it work for you in legal research? What are the best practices and


The fall semester has started and it’s time to make sure you’re staying on top of all you need to get done. In this post, I’ll be listing some great (free!) planning tools and apps to help manage a busy class schedule and all those actual life tasks that need to be accomplished. 1) Notion


ProQuest Congressional: Legislative Insight and More In Part 1 of Remember that Resource, we covered ProQuest Legislative Insight, but how is Legislative Insight any different from ProQuest Congressional? With the caveat that ProQuest Congressional content varies according to the subscription of the individual institution, often the platform also includes legislative histories from 1789 (and will


ProQuest Legislative Insight: For Legislative Histories I recently received a request for help with finding a compiled legislative history, and the student had tried “everything” (Westlaw, Lexis, and Google), but was unable to turn up anything particularly helpful. And while there are other helpful locations that may have helpful compilations (looking at you, HeinOnline), in


Coming April 1, 2022, Thomson Reuters ProView is getting a new face and some substantial changes. Let’s go through a few of the major ones: 1. A cleaner and brighter interface. Old ProView   New ProView       2. ProView Simplified Accessing ProView is getting simpler. There’s going to be a single way to


Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick has released her latest book: Punishment Without Trial! Punishment Without Trial: Why Plea Bargaining is a Bad Deal explores plea bargaining and how it has undermined the justice system and the right to a trial. In this book, Professor Hessick demonstrates how plea bargaining has done away with preconceived notions of


September 25th was First Amendment Day! Observed during National Banned Books Week, First Amendment Day is meant to commemorate the First Amendment and its promise of the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. September 25th marks the day the First Federal Congress of the United States proposed the Bill of Rights to the