Request Review Copies

Ordering Review Copies from Publishers

Faculty may request titles for review (complimentary copies) from several legal publishers. Contact the publisher directly to request titles for current or prospective courses. Please be prepared to provide the name of the course, its approximate enrollment, and the semester and year it is (or will be) taught.

Many publishers have moved to only offering digital copies for review, though some still offer print copies as well. Additional options and considerations are noted below.

West Academic (West Academic/Foundation Press)

Sign into your account with your West Academic password. If you do not have an account yet, click “create an account” on the top right hand of the webpage, and follow the instructions.

Search or browse titles.  When you have identified a title of interest, select “NEXT STEPS FOR FACULTY” to get request options. 

Options will vary by title, but when looking at the details for a title, usually “View Digital Coy” is an option under “Next Steps for Faculty.”  Clicking will open a digital copy of that text. You may need to run Adobe Flash to view.

You may also choose the option “Contact Your Account Manager,” which will open an email in Outlook to

West Academic Faculty Research Center contains an overview of information of interest to faculty related to their products:

For full details, view their Complimentary Copy Policy.


**Carolina Academic Press acquired the law school education publications from LexisNexis Matthew Bender in 2016.  See the Carolina Academic Press tab for more information about those titles.

You can continue to access the former LexisNexis law school books (including study aids and teachers’ manuals if available) via the LexisNexis® Digital Library | Professor Review Copies.This restricted access site is available for Professor Review Copies of textbooks to consider for course adoption.  Request a ID and Password and LexisNexis will email your access credentials to the LexisNexis Digital Library. LexisNexis eBooks can be read in your web browser using the Read Now feature.

To email requests or for more information about review copies of LexisNexis Matthew Bender titles contact:

Wolters Kluwer

You can browse books by subject area and order review copies using the “Order a Review Copy” button. WK asks you to provide your name, university email, semester of assigned courses, and an estimate of enrollment.

Wolters Kluwer will email you instructions for accessing a digital review copy within two business days.

For more information, contact your Wolters Kluwer sales rep here:

Thomson Reuters

Complimentary review copies of texts are (typically) available to professors who wish to consider adopting them or recommending them to their classes, if they have not received previous copies. The Complimentary Copies Form is available at

The form asks you to provide your name and semester of your assigned courses and your office contact information when requesting examination copies of our publications.

You must already have the title of the book you are requesting when completing the form.  You can search titles at:

You can also contact 800-328-9352 x46806 or

More information is available on their Law Professor Resources page.

Carolina Academic Press

**Carolina Academic Press acquired the law school education publications from LexisNexis Matthew Bender in 2016.

The CAP Law page is available at

To request a complimentary examination copy of a book, search or browse for the title you want, then click on the “exam copy” button or the complimentary copy request link at the bottom of that page.

Examination copies of textbooks are available to professors for adoption consideration who have not previously received copies.

When making your examination copy request, they ask that you include the following information: 1) the name of the course for which the book is being considered; 2) the semester(s) the course is taught; 3) the approximate enrollment for the course(s); and 4) the name and address of the institution (your mailing address) at which the course is to be taught.

You can also contact 919-489-7486 and ask to speak to someone in Law School Sales or email

More information, you may view their Complimentary Copy Information page.

Digital examination copies of Carolina Academic Press titles are also available on the LexisNexis Digital Library for Professor Review Copies.  See the LexisNexis Matthew Bender tab for details.


Review copies from Hein can be accessed on Hein’s Online Legal Bookstore which includes classroom texts, casebooks, general student books, and legal research and writing books. Hein will provide 30-day free access to the online legal bookstore where you can review the titles digitally.  Use this form to request a digital copy:

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg phased out their print reporter publications in 2019. Bloomberg Books does still publish print treatises, but these generally cost much more than traditional casebooks.  Many Bloomberg Books treatises are available digitally on the Bloomberg Law platform.

You can search available titles and access other faculty resources here:

University Press Titles

Every university press has their own policies and procedures concerning examination/review copies.  Please consult the website for the specific university press that is the publisher of the book you are interested in.  A word of caution, some University Presses will charge you for the book and will only waive the invoice if the book is either returned or adopted for classroom use.  If you need assistance locating the needed information, please contact the Law Library.

Contact info for commonly used university presses:

Oxford University Press:

Cambridge University Press:

University of North Carolina Press:

Chicago University Press:

Harvard University Press:

Yale University Press:

New York University Press:

Duke University Press:

University of Kansas Press: