Library Liaison Services

A librarian has been assigned to each faculty member to act as a liaison from the Law Library. As your library liaison, the librarian is familiar with your research interests and is available to assist you with library services. Any requests or library-oriented questions may be directed to your library liaison.

Your liaison can discuss the many library services offered to faculty:

  • Research Assistance
  • In-Class Research Presentations
  • Database Access & Instruction
  • Personalized Current Awareness Services
  • Research Assistant Training
  • Locating and Purchasing Library Materials
  • Faculty Publications Assistance
  • Faculty Research Services (LibRA)

If you have any questions, please contact your library liaison or Assistant Director for Public Services Nicole Downing.

Library Liaison List

Faculty MemberLibrarian Liaison
Ardia, DavidKerri-Ann Rowe
Bennardo, KevinAaron Kirschenfeld
Bishop, KaciAaron Kirschenfeld
Brinkley, MartinNicole Downing
Brooker, JohnKerri-Ann Rowe
Broome, LissaAndrew Wisniewsky
Bryan, PatriciaAndrew Wisniewsky
Chew, AlexaAaron Kirschenfeld
Chin, AndrewKerri-Ann Rowe
Conley, JohnAndrew Wisniewsky
Coyle, JohnKerri-Ann Rowe
Eichner, MaxKerri-Ann Rowe
Elengold, KateNicole Downing
Everett, LewisAndrew Wisniewsky
Fedders, BarbaraEllie Campbell
Gerhardt, DeborahKerri-Ann Rowe
Gerhardt, MichaelKerri-Ann Rowe
Gurvich, RachelKerri-Ann Rowe
Hazen, TomStacey Rowland
Hessick, AndrewEllie Campbell
Hessick, CarissaNicole Downing
Hirsch, JeffreyEllie Campbell
Hornstein, DonAndrew Wisniewsky
Jacoby, MelissaNicole Downing
Jain, EishaKerri-Ann Rowe
James, OsamudiaKerri-Ann Rowe
Kelley, TomAndrew Wisniewsky
Kennedy, JoeAndrew Wisniewsky
Klinefelter, AnneKerri-Anne Rowe
Krause, JoanDonna Nixon
Lau, HolningAaron Kirschenfeld
Marshall, BillEllie Campbell
Monast, JonasEllie Campbell
Muller, EricAndrew Wisniewsky
Nemerovski, PeterEllie Campbell
Nichol, GeneDonna Nixon
Osofsky, LeighAaron Kirschenfeld
Orth, JohnAaron Kirschenfeld
Papandrea, Mary-RoseNicole Downing
Posner, BethDonna Nixon
Salinas, OscarAaron Kirschenfeld
Savasta-Kennedy, MariaEllie Campbell
Saver, RichardDonna Nixon
Scardulla, AnnieAaron Kirschenfeld
Shaw, TedEllie Campbell
Smith, CraigNicole Downing
Su, RickAndrew Wisniewsky
Thomas, KathleenAndrew Wisniewsky
Warf, SaraAaron Kirschenfeld
Weidemaier, MarkAaron Kirschenfeld
Weissman, DeborahEllie Campbell
White, MarjorieKerri-Ann Rowe
Wilson, ErikaEllie Campbell
Zanin, JanineDonna Nixon