New Books by UNC Law Professor Michael Gerhardt

March 4, 2024

Professor Michael Gerhardt has two new books available in 2024: The Law of Presidential Impeachment and FDR’s Mentors.

The Law of Presidential Impeachment: A Guide for the Engaged Citizen provides “a refresher course on the law of presidential impeachment” providing a historical reflection on the impeachment process, the underpinnings of its creation and an analysis of the process as seen by an expert in the field. Michael Gerhardt served as a joint witness during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, spoke about the history of impeachment to the House, spoke as a constitutional scholar during the Trump impeachment proceedings in addition to speaking as an impeachment expert for CNN during both sets of proceedings. A true expert on impeachments, Gerhardt testified in four different presidential impeachment proceedings and bring that level of expertise to The Law of Presidential Impeachment.

On sale April 23, 2024, FDR’s Mentors: Navigating the Path to Greatness explores the relationships that made Franklin Delano Roosevelt the president and leader that he was. Endicott Peabody, Louis Howe, Felix Frankfurter, Al Smith, Winston Churchill, and Eleanor Roosevelt and others all played a part in shaping FDR, varying in “their impact and guises.” From the experiences he had as a child and the mentors that shaped who he became as an adult to the mentors that shaped his worldview and how FDR himself interacted the nation, FDR’s Mentors moves through the path of FDR’s relationships and the impact that they had on the historic man.

As the Burton Craige Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence, Michael Gerhardt has written multiple books on presidential history and power. Recently awarded UNC’s Thomas Jefferson Award in recognition of his public service, he has also published numerous law review articles and op eds, appeared as an expert commentator for CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, and testified before Congress over twenty times.