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Valentines’ day is here again, being met with celebration by many, or not so much depending on who you ask! However, beyond the chocolates, flowers, and heartfelt sentiments lies a legal landscape entwined with intriguing aspects of relationships, contracts, and rights. Below is a short list of books here in our collection that may help


The rigorous coursework in addition to the many other demands of law school can take a toll on students’ mental health. Stress, anxiety, and burnout are common experiences among law students due to heavy workloads, competitive environments, and high expectations. Neglecting wellness can lead to decreased productivity, diminished academic performance, and long-term health issues. It’s


As Thanksgiving approaches, a peculiar and heartwarming tradition takes center stage in the United States: the presidential turkey pardoning. This annual event has become a symbol of both lighthearted holiday festivities and a welcome break from the usual partisan tomfoolery that comes out of government. But how did this tradition come about? In this blog


October is upon us, and Halloween is right around the corner, a time when ghouls and goblins take center stage. While Law Libraries aren’t typically known for keeping collections of vampire romance novels or tales of ghostly apparitions, nonetheless we’ve taken it upon ourselves to unearth some spine-chilling treasures from our shelves. Read along as