Unveiling the Macabre: Spooky Gems in the Law Library

October 24, 2023

October is upon us, and Halloween is right around the corner, a time when ghouls and goblins take center stage. While Law Libraries aren’t typically known for keeping collections of vampire romance novels or tales of ghostly apparitions, nonetheless we’ve taken it upon ourselves to unearth some spine-chilling treasures from our shelves. Read along as we navigate the shadowy stacks, bringing you a curated list of the eeriest print and DVD resources from within our collection. From modern legal inquiries into the ownership of your blood to historical analyses of witchcraft’s legal implications, and a selection of riveting murder mysteries and legal thrillers, our Law Library is a sanctuary for both legal scholars and aficionados of the macabre. Also remember, if you’re ever in search of your next true crime obsession, the Law Library has you covered all year round!


Deliberate evil : Nathaniel Hawthorne, Daniel Webster, and the 1830 murder of a Salem slave trader
This book delves into a chilling historical event, exploring the murder of a Salem slave trader in 1830 and the involvement of renowned figures Nathaniel Hawthorne and Daniel Webster.

Ghost criminology : the afterlife of crime and punishment
This book delves into the enduring impact of violent crimes on the spaces where they occurred, ranging from historical atrocities like Abu Ghraib and the Holocaust to more recent tragedies like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A distinguished group of scholars examine this haunting phenomenon, exploring its origins, theory, and methodology. The book offers a criminological perspective on various hauntological topics.

Ghosts of Mississippi
This poignant work examines the legal battles surrounding the assassination of civil rights activist Medgar Evers, shedding light on racial injustice and its legal implications.

Gruesome spectacles : botched executions and America’s death penalty
This book takes a sobering look at the dark history of botched executions in America, providing a critical examination of the death penalty.

Law and magic : a collection of essays
This collection of essays delves into the intriguing intersection of law and magic, exploring the mystical elements that influence legal practices and beliefs.

Legal briefs : stories by today’s best legal thriller writers
Featuring gripping narratives by top legal thriller writers, this book promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with tales of legal intrigue and suspense.

Legally correct fairy tales
This whimsical yet insightful book re-imagines classic fairy tales within a legal framework, offering a playful exploration of legal principles through enchanting stories.

Making monsters : false memory, psychotherapy, and sexual hysteria
Diving into the complex web of false memories, psychotherapy, and societal hysteria surrounding cases of sexual abuse, this book offers a critical examination of this phenomenon.

Murder on Birchleaf Drive : the true story of the Michelle Young murder case
A riveting true-crime account, this book unravels the chilling details of the Michelle Young murder case, providing a gripping narrative of the investigation and trial.

Property rights in blood, genes and data : naturally yours?
This thought-provoking book explores the legal dimensions of property rights in biological materials, including blood, genes, and data, raising important questions about ownership and consent.

Satan’s silence : ritual abuse and the making of a modern American witch hunt
This book offers a comprehensive examination of the modern-day witch hunts surrounding claims of ritual abuse, shedding light on the legal and societal dynamics at play.

Strange, inhuman deaths : murder in Tudor England
In 1573 there occurred a murder which would leave today’s tabloid editors salivating. George Saunders, a respected merchant tailor, was killed by his wife’s lover. Involved in the conspiracy were Saunders’ wife, her best friend, and a servant. All were found guilty and hanged, but not before a suspended clergyman fell in love with Mrs. Saunders and sought to have her pardoned.

The law and Harry Potter
This engaging work explores the legal aspects and themes within the beloved Harry Potter series, providing a unique perspective on wizarding law and its parallels to real-world legal systems.

The librarian
A mysterious tale set in the world of libraries, this book promises intrigue and suspense as it weaves a darkly comedic, suspenseful narrative that penetrates the murky depths of election year politics and eccentric conservative billionaires.

The magician, the witch, and the law
In the early Middle Ages, magic was seen as a practical science. However, overtime, it became associated with heresy and sorcery. This led to accusations of diabolism, affecting both spiritual and temporal aspects. This book’s analysis places magic and witchcraft in their cultural context, providing key insights into both legal and medieval history.

The trial
A classic work by Franz Kafka, “The Trial” unravels a surreal tale of a man caught in a labyrinthine legal system, exploring themes of bureaucracy, power, and justice.

Witchcraft and witch trials: a history of English witchcraft and its legal perspectives, 1542 to 1736
This comprehensive historical account delves into the legal perspectives surrounding witchcraft trials in England, providing insight into the societal and legal attitudes of the time.


Arthur Miller’s The crucible
Step back in time to the Salem witch trials, as Arthur Miller’s masterful adaptation unravels the dark forces at play during this harrowing period of history.

Devils Advocate
A legal thriller that delves into the sinister realms of morality, ethics, and the supernatural, leaving viewers questioning the boundaries between right and wrong.

The Boondock Saints
A cult classic that follows two vigilante brothers as they seek to cleanse the world of malevolent wrongdoers, blurring the lines between justice and vengeance.

Cape Fear (1962) and (1991)
Experience the gripping tale of a relentless ex-convict’s pursuit of revenge, as both versions of this psychological thriller promise to send shivers down your spine.

The Dark Knight
Christopher Nolan’s iconic film, delving into the psyche of the Joker, serves as a testament to the intricate dance between law and chaos.

Mad Max
Venture into a post-apocalyptic world where the law has all but disintegrated, leaving the wasteland to be governed by survival instincts and primal justice.

The Paradise Lost trilogy
A chilling documentary series that unravels the harrowing tale of the West Memphis Three, showcasing the complexities and injustices of the legal system, including speculations of satanic worship and ritual sacrifice.