Remember that Resource, Part I: ProQuest Legislative Insight

ProQuest Legislative Insight: For Legislative Histories I recently received a request for help with finding a compiled legislative history, and the student had tried “everything” (Westlaw, Lexis, and Google), but was unable to turn up anything particularly helpful. And while there are other helpful locations that may have helpful compilations (looking at you, HeinOnline), in

Why Captioning is the Standard for Accessibility in Video Content Par Excellence

Guest Post by Hagen Mendrykowski* In recent years, the importance of captioning training, introductory, or demonstration videos has become increasingly recognized in the private, governmental, and higher education sectors. The drive to make digital media content more accessible to larger audiences has led to the adoption of captioning as a standard practice. The benefits of

Black History Month Spotlight: Chronicle of Black Lawyers in North Carolina, Vol. 1-3

In March of 1981, the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers published The Chronicle of Black Lawyers in North Carolina, Volume One: The Pioneers, 1865-1950. Two more volumes followed in 1984 and 1990, focused on civil rights pioneers from 1950-1970 and African-American female pioneers, 1947-1990, respectively. Each volume contains a list of Black attorneys from

How to Customize Your Westlaw Precision Homepage

As of early January, academic Westlaw Edge accounts transitioned to Westlaw Precision. This update brings some new research features as well as a new homepage layout: This post will cover a few easy ways to customize your Westlaw homepage to better suit your needs and help you get into your most-used resources faster. Changing the

New Research Guide: Using eBooks at UNC

Check out the Law Library’s new research guide: Using eBooks at UNC! With the proliferation of eBook platforms available for research and study, there are many different ways to identify eBooks and different access rules for each platform. The legal study aid platforms are particularly varied in terms of viewing books, utilizing apps, and navigating

Recent Acquisitions at the Kathrine R. Everett Law Library

The Law Library has recently revived our recent acquisitions bookshelf, where we display new library titles. It’s always fascinating to see what has come in recently, and patrons seem to feel the same, as we’ve had a number of check outs from those shelves. Here are some recent titles that the Kathrine R. Everett Law

Under the Radar Legal Resources: Government Manuals

One of the more difficult parts of legal research can be navigating the complicated structure of the government, especially if you are doing research involving administrative agencies.  Government manuals are underutilized resources that provide nuts-and-bolts details like organizational charts, staffing information, department histories, and more. They can save you a lot of time by compiling

Spotlight: Carolina Academic Press Legal Research series

Carolina Academic Press publishes the Legal Research Series, a collection of books focused on “essential elements of legal research in each jurisdiction.” Each book provides an overview of state and federal law for a particular jurisdiction: currently the series consists of 33 states and one volume on Federal Legal Research. The series is a resource

Farming for Food Law: Locating Food Law Resources in Honor of World Food Day

Sunday, October 16th was World Food Day. Created to commemorate the founding of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in 1945, World Food Day is celebrated across 150 countries. In honor of World Food Day, this post is dedicated to learning more about food law and locating food law resources in the United States

Must-Have Titles for Instructional Law Librarians!

At UNC, we have access to a wealth of resources on legal research and pedagogy, both in print and through our many digital collections. However, there are books that we find ourselves reaching for again and again, either as we answer reference questions or prepare for instruction. When it comes to these titles, our law