New LibGuide: Changing Your Legal Name and/or Gender in North Carolina

The University of North Carolina School of Law’s Kathrine R. Everett Library has just published a new libguide on Changing Your Legal Name and/or Gender in North Carolina. The guide covers considerations for anyone wishing to change their name or gender in the state, including how to navigate changing information through the courts, for a

Kanban Boards and Your Next Law School Project!

Guest Post by Julie Wooldridge When you have a large paper with multiple parts or a collaborative project with people working on a multitude of tasks, tracking the progress of the project and identifying issues or roadblocks can be difficult and time consuming.  Kanban boards can be a useful tool to help keep your next

UNC Law Library Study Aid Resources: Brief Writing

As we wind down to the end of the semester, you might be working on writing a brief in your legal writing, legal research, or writing intensive class. Writing briefs can be tricky and overwhelming, so we’ve collected a series of digital and physical UNC Law Library resources that provide style and formatting tips, checklists,

Research Week at Carolina Law

As part of UNC Research Week, an annual event celebrating the scholarship of the UNC community, the law school held a panel discussion Monday, November 8th in the Kathrine R. Everett Library. The panel addressed two recent books by Carolina Law professors: Punishment Without Trial: Why Plea Bargaining Is a Bad Deal by Carissa Byrne

A Self-Checkout Option at the Law Library

No, it is not another scanner! The new machine located across from the Circulation Desk is a self-checkout station. The Law Library would like to invite all of our patrons to utilize the self-checkout station the next time they have a book ready to be checked out. The self-checkout station is very easy to use.

Halloween and Government Websites: Safety, Monsters, and More

Happy Halloween Month, everyone! We don’t typically associate legal research with celebrating holidays, but did you know you can find information about Halloween on a number of different U.S. government websites? Resources cover everything from how to stay safe during the holiday, ghost towns and cryptids in North America, the history of Halloween and Día

New Book by UNC Law Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick

Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick has released her latest book: Punishment Without Trial! Punishment Without Trial: Why Plea Bargaining is a Bad Deal explores plea bargaining and how it has undermined the justice system and the right to a trial. In this book, Professor Hessick demonstrates how plea bargaining has done away with preconceived notions of

Searching for Primary Law in the UNC Library Catalog

If you’re looking to locate a primary law source — statutes, regulations, court records, etc. — in the library, you may wind up searching in the UNC libraries catalog. If you’ve done this in the past, you know it can be tricky to find the right resource. We’ve put together an instructional video with a

First Amendment Day: Celebrate with the Kathrine R. Everett Law Library

September 25th was First Amendment Day! Observed during National Banned Books Week, First Amendment Day is meant to commemorate the First Amendment and its promise of the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. September 25th marks the day the First Federal Congress of the United States proposed the Bill of Rights to the

The Law Library of Congress: Digital Legal Resources

The Law Library of Congress is a branch of the Library of Congress and holds the largest single collection of legal materials in the world. It began as an in-house reference library for members of the U.S. Congress but has vastly expanded since its early days. It now serves the public in addition to Congress,