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Microfilm & Microfiche

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Microfiche Location Guide

Third Floor

  • Canadian Session Laws
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Congressional Globe
  • Congressional Record
  • Federal Register
  • Legal Theses and Dissertations
  • Legislative Histories
  • Major Studies & Issue Briefs (CRS)
  • Presidential Executive Orders/Proclamations
  • State Bar Journals
  • Statutes at Large
  • Superseded Statutes in Force
  • U.S. Congress Debates and Proceedings
  • U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs
  • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Second Floor

  • Biolaw Supplement
  • British Legal Documents
  • Canadian Legal Materials
  • Commercial Code
  • Department of Justice Documents
  • EEOC Decisions
  • Federal Tax Regulations
  • Internal Revenue Acts
  • Model Penal Code
  • Native American Legal Collection
  • Public Laws
  • Restatement of the Law
  • Tax Court Memorandum Decisions

First Floor

  • 4th Circuit Briefs & Records
  • Government Documents (Doc.Coll.) (Congressional Reports, Bills, Hearings, etc.)
  • State Materials (Session Laws, Attorney General Opinions, Statutes, Admininstrative Rules, etc.)
  • U.N. Treaty Series
  • U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments


  • Microfiche/microfilm reader-printers are available on the third, second, and first floors.
  • Digital microfiche/microfilm reader-scanners are available on the third floor.

Please leave used microfiche and microfilm in the boxes provided near the reader-printers. Report any problems with the reader-printers at the Circulation Desk or the Reference Desk.

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