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The law library provides printing resources to facilitate research, teaching, and student learning, within the guidelines and policies of the university (UNC) and copyright law. Under UNC policy (

Users may not engage in the unauthorized copying, distributing, altering or translating of copyrighted materials, software, music or other media without the express permission of the copyright holder or as otherwise allowed by law.

The library does not charge for downloading or emailing documents. Downloading from electronic databases may also be restricted by the terms of licensing agreements. UNC fees and printing limitations are outlined below.

Law Student Printing

Printing to Carolina Law Student Printers

Carolina Law provides students with $40 per semester for printing to the Carolina Law student printers in the upper level of the rotunda and the rumpus room.

  • The Law School printer is named: Law School Queue.
  • Carolina Law's $40 may only be used on these printers.
  • Money added at the Tar Heel Teller may be used on these printers.
  • Students may not use the $40 CCI allotment on this printer.
  • Students may print from their laptops (see below)
  • Student may print from the computers in the Electronic Instruction Center in room 3031 and from the public computer kiosks opposite the reference desk on the 4th floor of the library.
  • Printing costs $0.10 per page and may be paid for with a UNC OneCard.
  • Contact Law School IT if the printers require service.

Printing to the CCI Printers

Carolina Law Students receive a $40 printing allotment per semester from CCI which is included in the student fees paid by all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

  • The CCI printer is named: CCI Printing.
  • CCI's $40 may only be used to print to the CCI printers in the Law Library reading room located on the 4th floor.
  • Students may not use the $40 Law School Printing allotment for these printers.
  • Students may print from their laptops (see below).
  • Printing costs $0.10 per page and may be paid for with a UNC OneCard.
  • Contact Law School IT if the printers require service.

Laptop Printing

Carolina Law Students may print to the Carolina Law student printers in the upper level of the rotunda and the rumpus room and to the CCI printers in room 3048 of the Law Library from their laptops.

LexisNexis/Westlaw Printing


LexisNexis provides free printing for Carolina Law Students. The printer is located near the rumpus room outside of the student organization offices. Contact your LexisNexis representative for additional information or if the printer requires service.


Citing a significant decrease in the use of printers after the release of WestlawNext and the substantial environmental impact of the program, Westlaw will no longer provide printer service to law schools. Please see this description of alternative document delivery options available on WestlawNext and Westlaw Classic (including folders, download and email).

Microform Printing & Scanning

The law library has four microform machines to read microfilm reels or microfiche. Machines are on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the library.

  • All of the Law Library microform machines can print. One on each floor of the library can scan documents to save to a USB drive or email.
  • Scanning is free.
  • The charge to print is $0.15 per page.
    • Law faculty and research assistants printing on their behalf can print at no charge.
    • All other patrons please pay at the Circulation Desk.
  • Please report any problems with these machines to the Circulation Desk.

Adding Money to a UNC One Card or University Guest Card

  • Law Library Guest Cards may be purchased at the Circulation Desk. Cards may be used for printing or copying and are available in the following denominations:
    • $3.00 (14 copies or 20 prints)
    • $5.00 (28 copies or 40 prints)
    • $10.00 (64 copies or 90 prints)
    NOTE: Law Library guest cards have a fixed value and additional funds cannot be added.
  • TarHeel Teller machines on campus may be used to purchase a University Guest Card (copy card) and to add value to those cards or to a OneCard.
  • TarHeel Teller machines are located at Davis Library, the Undergraduate Library, the Health Sciences Library, Rams Head Dining or funds may be added at the OneCard office (near Student Stores). There is no Tar Heel Teller in the law school or law library.
  • Funds may be added online to a student or faculty One Card on the One Card Website
  • The UNC OneCard office charges a $0.25 monthly fee on the unused balance on UNC One Cards and University Guest Cards, but not on the fixed value Law Library Guest Cards.
  • Money added to their OneCards by Carolina Law students may be used at any of the printers or copiers.
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