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Ordering Review Copies from Publishers

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Faculty may request titles for review (complimentary copies) from several legal publishers. Contact the publisher directly to request titles for current or prospective courses. Please be prepared to provide the name of the course, its approximate enrollment, and the semester and year it is (or will be) taught.

Some publishers offer digital review copies in addition to, or as a replacement for, print copies. Additional options and conditions are noted below.

Aspen Publishers (Wolters Kluwer)

Examination copies of Wolters Kluwer Legal Education books are generally available. Request review copies online. A title available as an examination copy has an “exam copy” button on its product page.

Bloomberg BNA

A desk copy is provided free of charge if a Bloomberg BNA title is selected as a main classroom text. All titles are available for review on a 60-day examination basis. Please state your interest in an examination copy on the order form.

Carolina Academic Press

Examination copies are available for CAP Law textbooks. Please review CAP complimentary copy information. Supplemental titles are generally not complimentary, but are offered at a professional discount.


Request review copies online. As a general rule, review copies are provided digitally via the Online Legal Bookstore. Please note that the review period is limited to 30 days.


LexisNexis review copies may be ordered online. LexisNexis Law School Book Information Central provides details about the new “Digital Library for Professor Review Copies.” Request a username and password to this restricted access site. Please note that the review period is limited to 30 days.

Oxford University Press

Many titles are available as examination copies. A title available as an examination copy has a “request examination copy” link on its product page. The product page will also specify if a digital examination copy is available.


Complimentary review copies of textbooks are available, as well as hornbooks and treatises that appear on syllabi as recommended reading. Many titles are available for review in digital form on Law School Exchange.

Can’t find the publisher you need on this page? FindLaw provides an extensive list of vendors of legal materials. Review copy policies vary by publisher.

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