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LibRA - Faculty Research Service

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Online Request Form

LibRA, the Law Library's Faculty Research Service, provides research assistance for the faculty of the UNC School of Law. Research is conducted by student research assistants supervised by the Faculty Research Librarian. LibRA can help you with legal and interdisciplinary research projects, whether they require five minutes or up to twenty hours to complete.

When you request research assistance, please provide as much detail as is practicable. Nicole Downing will contact you as soon as possible to discuss a due date for the research results.

To submit a research request:

  • Fill out the Online Request Form or
  • Call or email Nicole Downing, Head of Reference Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to use LibRA?
    All law faculty, whether regular, clinical or visiting, as well as law school deans and administrators may use LibRA. Please note that faculty research assistants are not permitted to make research requests on your behalf.
  2. How much of my research can LibRA handle?
    LibRA can assist with projects that require up to twenty hours of research. If you have lengthy research projects that exceed that estimate, you may wish to hire a research assistant or contact LibRA to discuss ways to break up the project into parts that we can accommodate.
  3. How long will it take to complete the research?
    LibRA will review each request and contact you with an estimate of the time needed to complete the project. That estimate will depend upon the complexity of your request and the number of projects already in line when you make your request.
  4. What about rush requests?
    When you have a research request for which you need a quick answer, please call or email Nicole Downing directly to confirm that LibRA will be able to meet your accelerated deadline.
  5. How can my research assistant get help with research?
    Although research assistants cannot use LibRA themselves, any of the reference librarians will be happy to assist them with search strategies or help them locate relevant resources. You may also contact your assigned Library Liaison for assistance.
  6. Can LibRA provide cite checking for my article or book?
    LibRA does not offer cite checking assistance.
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