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Library Liaison Services

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A librarian has been assigned to each law faculty member to act as a liaison from the Library, to get to know your research interests and needs, and to assist you with library services. Any requests or library-oriented questions may be directed to your library liaison, who will help you in the most appropriate way. Some of the services your liaison can offer are:

  • Personalized Current Awareness and Electronic Alert Services
  • Personalized Assistance with your Research Assistant
  • Familiarity with your Research Interests
  • Purchasing Library Materials
  • Faculty Publications Listings

Library Liaison Assignments

Faculty Member Librarian Liaison
Ajunwa, Ifeoma Kerri-Ann Rowe
Ardia, David Kerri-Ann Rowe
Bennardo, Kevin Aaron Kirschenfeld
Bishop, Kaci Aaron Kirschenfeld
Brinkley, Martin Nicole Downing
Brooker, John Kerri-Ann Rowe
Broome, Lissa Andrew Wisniewsky
Bryan, Patricia Andrew Wisniewsky
Chew, Alexa Aaron Kirschenfeld
Chin, Andrew Kerri-Ann Rowe
Conley, John Andrew Wisniewsky
Coyle, John Kerri-Ann Rowe
Eichner, Max Kerri-Ann Rowe
Elengold, Kate Nicole Downing
Everett, Luke Andrew Wisniewsky
Fedders, Barbara Ellie Campbell
Gerhardt, Deborah Kerri-Ann Rowe
Gerhardt, Michael Kerri-Ann Rowe
 Gurvich, Rachel  Kerri-Ann Rowe
Hazen, Tom Stacey Rowland
Hessick, Andrew Ellie Campbell
Hessick, Carissa Nicole Downing
Hirsch, Jeffrey Ellie Campbell
Hornstein, Don Andrew Wisniewsky
Jacoby, Melissa Nicole Downing
Jain, Eisha Kerri-Ann Rowe
Kelley, Tom Andrew Wisniewsky
Kennedy, Joe Andrew Wisniewsky
Klinefelter, Anne Nicole Downing
Krause, Joan Donna Nixon
Lau, Holning Aaron Kirschenfeld
Marshall, Bill Ellie Campbell
Monast, Jonas Ellie Campbell
Muller, Eric Andrew Wisniewsky
 Nemerovski, Peter Ellie Campbell
Nichol, Gene Donna Nixon
Orth, John Aaron Kirschenfeld
Osofsky, Leigh Aaron Kirschenfeld
Papandrea, Mary-Rose Nicole Downing 
Posner, Beth Donna Nixon
Sabbeth, Kathryn Ellie Campbell
Salinas, Oscar Aaron Kirschenfeld
Savasta-Kennedy, Maria Ellie Campbell
Saver, Richard Donna Nixon
Shaw, Ted Ellie Campbell
Smith, Craig Nicole Downing
 Su, Rick Andrew Wisniewsky
Thomas, Kathleen Andrew Wisniewsky
Warf, Sara Aaron Kirschenfeld
Weidemaier, Mark Aaron Kirschenfeld
Weissman, Deborah Ellie Campbell
White, Marjorie Kerri-Ann Rowe
Wilson, Erika Ellie Campbell
Zanin, Janine Donna Nixon

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