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The Law Library is committed to providing a comfortable environment that is welcoming and conducive to study. Library users who consume food or drinks in the Library should do so in a manner that maintains a clean, safe library and minimizes the risk of damage to library books, equipment, and other property.

Food and drinks are not permitted at all in the computer labs or in the vicinity of other computer terminals, printers, copiers, or other electronic equipment.

Beverages are otherwise permitted in the Law Library so long as they are in containers with tops, lids, or caps.

Snack foods are also allowed in the Library. Please consume hot or messy foods (including meals and dishes requiring utensils) in the snack bar adjacent to the entrance to the Library and be respectful of others with regard to food scents and noises.

OK: candy, chips, cookies, crackers

Not OK: burritos, pizza, salads, sandwiches, soup

Please discard all wrappers and empty containers, clean up after yourself, and report any spills to library staff.

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