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Law (KF) Call Numbers Listed by Subject

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Admiralty/Maritime KD 501-553
Administrative Law KF 5401-5425
Antitrust KF 1631-1657
Banking KF 966-1032
Bankruptcy KF 1501-1548
Business Associations KF 1355-1480
Children and Law KF 479, 540-550
Civil and Political Rights KF 4741-4788
Civil Procedure KF 8810-9075
Commercial Transactions KF 871-962
Conflict of Laws KF 410-418
Constitutional Law KF 4501-5130
Contracts, quasi-contracts KF 801-1244
Copyright KF 2986-3080
Corporations KF 1384-1480
Criminal Law KF 9201-9479
Criminal Procedure KF 9601-9797
Education Policy and Law KF 4101-4257
Employment Discrimination KF 3464-3469
Environmental Law KF 277.E5, JX 1291, KF 3775-3813
Equity KF 398-400
Ethics/Professional Responsibility KF 305-310
Evidence (civil) KF 8931-8969
Evidence (criminal) KF 9660-9677
Family/Domestic Relations KF 501-553
Federal Courts KF 8700-8807
Forms (legal-general) KF 170
Immigration Law KF 4801-4848
Insurance Law KF 1146-1238
International Law JX 1-6731
Jurisprudence KF 379-382, K 201-376
Juvenile Criminal Law KF 9771-9827
Labor Law KF 3300-3580
Land-Use Planning KF 5691-5710
Laws of Individual States KFA-KFW
Legal History KF 350-374
Legal Profession KF 297-334
Legal Research and Writing KF 240-251
Legislative Process KF 4945-4952
Local Government/Municipal Law KF 5300-5332
Marital Relations and Dissolution KF 501-553
Medical Legislation KF 3821-3829
Mental Health Law KF 3828-3829
North Carolina KFN 7401-7999
Oil and Gas KF 1841-1870
Patents KF 3091-3192
Public Safety KF 3941-3977
Real Property KF 560-698
Regulation of Industry/Trade/Commerce KF 1600-2940
Secured Transactions KF 1046-1062
Securities Regulations KF 1428-1457, KF 1066-1083
Social Legislation KF 3300-3771
Taxation KF 6271-6645
Torts KF 1246-1327
Trial Advocacy KF 8911-8925
Uniform State Laws KF 165
Water Resources KF 5551-5590
Wills and Trust KF 726-780
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