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Legal Subjects Listed by KF Call Number

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1-8 Bibliography
156 Law Dictionaries, Words and Phrases
190-195 Directories
220-224 Criminal Trials
240-250 Legal Research and Writing
262-292 Legal Education
297-334 The Legal Profession
336-337 Legal Aid, Legal Services
350-374 Legal History
379-382 Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law
398-400 Equity
410-418 Conflict of Laws
501-553 Family Law
560-664 Property & Estates in Land
726-745 Trusts and Trustees
749-750 Estate Planning
753-780 Wills, Probate, Decedents' Estates
801-869 Contracts
871-1241 Commercial Transactions
1066-1086 Securities Regulation (see also 1431-1465)
1096-1137 Admiralty and Maritime Law
1146-1238 Insurance
1246-1327 Torts and Personal Injuries
1341-1348 Agency
1355-1480 Business Associations, Corporations
1501-1548 Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights
1600-2940 Regulated Industries, Antitrust, Trade Regulation
2971-3198 Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Unfair Competition
3300-3750 Labor Law and Social Legislation
3775-3813 Environmental Law
4501-5130 Constitutional Law
5300-5332 Local Government Law
5500-5865 Public Land Law
5551-5599 Water Law
5691-5740 Urban Planning and Development
6200-6795 Public Finance & Taxation
7201-7755 Military Law, National Defense
8201-8228 American Indian Law
8700-8708 Administration of Justice, Judiciary
8711-8807 Court Organization
8810-9075 Civil Procedure, Federal Practice, Trials
8931-8964 Evidence
9201-9461 Criminal Law
9601-9760 Criminal Procedure & Penology
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