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Carolina Law: A Sesquicentennial History

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Table of Contents

Dedication by Martin H. Brinkley

I. Introduction

A. Observations and Overview by Judith Welch Wegner
B. A Wonderful Journey: 1945-95 by William Brantley Aycock
C. Prophets in Reverse by Martin H. Brinkley

II. The University of North Carolina School of Law in the Modern Era

A. The War and the Postwar Era: 1945-64

  1. The War Years: The Deanship of Robert Hasley Wettach (1941-1949) by Albert Coates
  2. The Postwar Years: The Deanship of Henry Brandis, Jr. (1949-64) by Albert Coates

B. An Era of Expansion and Turbulence: 1964-79

  1. The Vietnam Era: The Deanship of James Dickson Phillips, Jr. (1964-74) by William Brantley Aycock
  2. An Evolving Institution: The Deanship of Robert G. Byrd (1974-79) by William Brantley Aycock

C. An Era of Transformation: 1979-89

  1. The Modern Law School Comes of Age: The Deanship of Kenneth S. Broun (1979-87) by Judith Welch Wegner
  2. A Time of Transition: The Deanship of Ronald C. Link by Judith Welch Wegner

D. Preserving and Enhancing a Legacy of Excellence in Challenging Times (1989- ): The Deanship of Judith Welch Wegner by S. Elizabeth Gibson

III. The Evolution of the Modern Law School: Crucial Trends that Bridge Past and Future

A. People

  1. African-American and Other Minority Law Students and Alumni by Charles E. Daye
  2. Women at UNC and in the Practice of Law by Laura N. Gasaway and Judith Welch Wegner

B. Academic Programs

  1. The Changing Course of Study: Sesquicentennial Reflections by Judith Welch Wegner
  2. Clinical Legal Education by Richard A. Rosen

C. The UNC Law Library: 1945-95 by Martha B. Barefoot

D. Student Organizations and Their Evolving Impact on the School of Law

  1. The North Carolina Law Review at Threescore and Ten by Martin H. Brinkley
  2. The North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation and International Course Offerings by Jerry W. Markham
  3. The Holderness Moot Court Bench by Tracy Hamrick Davis
  4. Student Organizations: 1945-95 by Winston B. Crisp

E. Law Alumni Service to the Public and the Law School

  1. Lawyers Talking: UNC Law Graduates and Their Service to the State by Walter Bennett and Judith Welch Wegner
  2. The History of the UNC Law Alumni Association and Law Foundation, Inc. by Todd T. Lindsley
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