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The United Nations

  • United Nations
    Most UN documents are available on the vast UN website. In addition, since UNC-CH is a UN depository, most of the documents are available in paper form at Davis Library.
  • The UN Official Document System
    The ODS is the UN’s document service, providing access to UN documents by full text search and several other search searches.
  • HeinOnline United Nations Law Collection
    This database offers treaty publications, cases and other materials from the International Court of Justice, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law materials and a wide range of commentary on international law, all in pdf format.
  • ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
    Excellent guide to finding UN documents, organizations, courts and topical research assistance.
  • EISIL -- United Nations
    Links to a UN primary documents and related organizations.

Other International Organizations

Selected international Courts and Cases


Treaty citation sources

  • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (U.S.T.)
    Hard copy and microfiche available at KZ 235.3 .U55; also on HeinOnline.
  • Treaties and Other International Acts Series (T.I.A.S.)
    Slip opinions of TIAS available at KZ 235.3 .U55; also on HeinOnline.
  • United Nations Treaty Series (U.N.T.S.)
    Hard copy and microfiche available at KZ172 .T74; also on HeinOnline.
  • League of Nations Treaty Series (L.N.T.S.)
    Microfiche available at KZ170 .L42; also on HeinOnline.
  • International Legal Materials (I.L.M.)
    Available at K9 .N8368; also on HeinOnline.

Selected International Commercial and Trade Organizations

Law of Foreign Countries

  • Law Library of Congress: Guide to Law Online: Nations
    Links to online resources for primary law as well as research guides, listed by country.
  • Foreign Law Guide
    Database of foreign law searchable by country or by legal topic. Includes descriptions of primary sources as well as web links where available.
  • GlobaLex: Foreign Law Research
    Provides brief overviews of the legal system for over 150 different countries, written by legal experts from each country. The overviews often contain links to direct sources of law when such sources are freely available on the Internet.

Legal Information Institutes

Legal Information Institutes are databases of national law created through the efforts of the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM), which aims to make available free online access to legal information of countries all over the world. Access varie3s from country to country, and so far, most of the databases offer materials only in English or French.

  • WorldLII -- World Legal Information Institute
    WorldLII is the joint portal of the FALM. It provides links to a selection of LII's but it may be easier to find foreign law is to search by country in the alphabetical list of over 200 jurisdictions.
  • AsianLII -- Asian Legal Information Institute
    Offers databases of legal materials from most Asian countries and several regional organizations.
  • CommonLII -- Commonwealth Legal Information Institute
    Access to materials from more than 25 Commonwealth countries, including the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • SAFLII -- Southern African Legal Information Institute
    Offers a wide range of case law and legislation from South Africa and less extensive materials from 15 other southern African countries.

Topical Law Databases

A selection of databases that aim to collect in one place the related national and international laws related to specific topics.

  • Global Health and Human Rights Database
    A free online database of health and human rights law from all over the world.
    Web resources, by country.
  • The Gender Jurisprudence and International Criminal Law Project A free, searchable database of judgments, decisions, orders, and other documents relating to sexual and gender-based violence
  • Ecolex
    A searchable database of information on national and international environmental law, including treaties, legislation, court decisions and other literature.
  • FAOLex
    Created by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, this site offers access to national and international laws concerning food, agriculture and renewable natural resources. It includes the Fishlex and Waterlex databases, FAO treaties, and other publications.

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